Kereru at Vineyard Cottages

We have a couple of ducks that keep well away from the dogs tucking themselves into the far side of the driveway. The neighbours paradise ducks occasionally venture across the fence line making their presence known. I love them! They are just gorgeous together and must love the acres and acres of property they have to roam around in. Boy do we hear about it if we get too close or they spot any of the cats and dogs here!

Our amazing resident artist / Wwoofer, Tori sketched up these amazing drawings for us of the birds and I’m really excited to have them as part of our decor on the website. Keep your eyes peeled as we’ll have them on tea towels to buy very soon. 

If you love nature especially the native birds and the dawn chorus, come and stay! It’s very special!

We often call Vineyard Cottages a slice of heaven and it really is. One of the reasons for that is the wonderful amount of native flora and fauna we have around the property. Birdlife is one of the most amazing. 

At 5am the only thing you can hear is the birdlife! It’s like someone turned up the volume and they are all wide awake and singing the dawn in. 

I love the Kereru, voted native bird of the year this year. It has the most impressive wing flap I have ever known and you can hear them flying over head. We have hundreds of fantails that follow us on our dogs walks and dive in and out of the trees. The Lorakeets love the vineyard and throughout summer try desperately to get through the netting to the grapes. 

The Tuis are my favourite. They had such glorious birdsong and our resident big guy “Pie Boy” lives up to his name. He is constantly eating, constantly singing and is much bigger than any of the other Tui on the property. I love the darting between the trees that they all do and watching Pie Boy and his mates go mad for the camellia over the last couple of months has been a joy to watch.