Wedding advice

I’ve worked in the wedding world for a long time. From 16, I was helping cater for weddings in the UK and there is a funny story about organising a friends wedding, here in NZ, in 90 mins while I drove from Auckland to Kaiwaka one morning. But there is nothing like organising your own to really understand the stresses and strains of being a bride.

In December we had 110 of our nearest and dearest join us for our wedding at St Martin’s Church in Waimauku. A happily married month down the line and many evenings with a glass of wine in the vineyard we both agree it was a simply perfect day. But I can honestly say, I felt like the entire month leading up to it was one long to do list, that kept me completely exhausted from dawn till dusk.

These are some words of wisdom for your special day.

  1. Delegate - I am the queen of being unable to delegate. But you must! If it hadn’t been for the friends and family who took the lists and just got on with it, the day would have been completely different.

  2. Simplify - You can get completely swept away by magazines, Pintrest and instagram with ideas for your wedding day. In the end, they can all cost a small fortune and once you’ve spent months looking at them, you don’t even notice them on the day. Keep it simple.

  3. Write a list of the Absolute Musts - In the months leading up to our wedding, I kept kept kept telling myself to ask someone to record the speeches. On the day, I forgot. Things will get forgotten, but make sure the parts you want to treasure the most are remembered.

  4. Have some you time - In the lead up to it, find some time to escape and have some you time. A walk on the beach, a morning shopping, just a few hours of you relaxing time. It makes all the difference.

  5. If you are planning an elaborate dance, find a dress of similar shape to practise the dance in. My dress was so spread out, I ended up in a knot and unable to move! The dance was much shorter than we had rehearsed!

But mostly enjoy! We had a ball. The Thunder and lightning, the DJ having a meltdown and a couple of delayed flights could do nothing to dampen the spirit of the day. And Congratulations!

The Deck
Elle Armon-Jones